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Welcome to the 68th Rölli Auction !

We have a special auction coming up. For the first time, due to serious illnesses, it has been prepared without my business partner Peter Suter and my long-time member of staff Manuela Bürgisser. My thoughts are often with them and I wish them all the best!

I am proud that we were able to prepare the 68th auction - after the February auction had to be postponed to the end of April due to Corona - within seven weeks despite these circumstances.

I owe this to my great team, especially Marianne Rutishauser, who spontaneously and brilliantly took over Manuela's job - Manuela's sophisticated job description also helped. Furthermore, my family was an unbelievable support, be it with extremely spontaneous work assignments or with a relaxing game of cards.

Last but not least, the auction could not take place without philatelist Ruedi von May. He dropped everything and supported me in these difficult weeks with many kilometres, night and weekend shifts and a lot of humour. I cannot thank him enough!

It is all the more gratifying that the 68th auction is worth seeing. In particular, the chapters of the first Swiss issues and the high quality international collections stand out brilliantly.

I am particularly looking forward to your visit to the auction. As usual, our in-house chef Daniel Spörri will be responsible for your physical well-being.

Yours sincerely, Christina Rölli