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Frank Uray

Management, Philatelist

«What could be more beautiful than collecting stamps? We want to convey this joy to our customers, whether beginner or expert, everyone is welcome.»


Britt A. Schönbeck

Management, Marketing

«They are only small pieces of paper, but they are packed with the most exciting stories and contemporary witnesses across the last 180 years. I want to share this with all of you - because everyone is part of this history.»

Christina bearbeitet

Christina Rölli

Administrative council / philatelist

«I appreciate the friendly and trusting relationships that we have built with our customers.»

Peter Moeschl neu2

Peter Möschl

Philatelist / freelancer

«A good appreciation is very important to me and also that of our clients.»

Ruedi von May neu1

Ruedi von May

Philatelist / freelancer

«Philately makes a lot of fun to me.»


Peter Suter

Philatelist / freelancer

«My long experience as a collector, valuations expert and dealer helps me consistently spot the finer and most important details.»

Anu bearbeitet1

Anushanth Kannathasan

Store & IT

"With our modern company and web presence I always keep our customers up to date".

Juerg bearbeeitet

Jürg Horni


«My contact to our customers is friendly and neutral, independent from their bids.»

Irene bearbeitet

Irene Nicolussi-Peter

Administration Federation of Swiss Philatelic Societies

«I hope that the joy of seeing and handling such special items on a daily basis transfers to our customers.»

Angela bearbeitet

Angela Wyttenbach Iten


«I am always attentive and take the needs and expectations of our customers seriously.»

Claude bearbeitet

Jean Claude Rölli

Customer service

«Wherever help is needed I am always at your service.»

Daniele neu

Daniele Gjergjaj


«I look forward to getting to know the clients and helping them.»


Benito vom Katzensteg


«I love to put a smile on our customer's faces.»