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Christina Rölli

Manager / philatelist

«I appreciate the friendly and trusting relationships that we have built with our customers.»

Christina Rölli is the daughter of the company founders Rolf and Beatrice Rölli-Schär. After her apprenticeship and travelling years in Western Switzerland and England, the business graduate joined the company in 1987 as administrative manager. In 2004, she and her business partner Peter Suter took over the company in the second generation. In this constellation she was responsible for the administration, but during the last three decades she has acquired profound philatelic knowledge, which she was able to put into practice especially in the final phases before the catalogue went to press. In addition, thanks to her fluent language skills, she was the contact person for our international clientele. Since 2022 she has been running the company with her reduced team and offer.

For more than thirty years Christina Rölli has been active on a voluntary basis in various philatelic and political committees. She was able to pursue her passion for designing printed matter in particular in the Young Entrepreneurs Association and as editor-in-chief of the youth stamp magazine ZACK. When her two children, who are now grown up, were small, she unceremoniously set up the three childcare services in Rothenburg as president of the association. Christina Rölli spends her free time on her bicycle, travelling, with her dog and most of all playing board games with her children.

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