Besides news and events we have opened our treasure chamber for you. Here philatelic collectors' hearts beat faster. Read some incredible stories from the world of philately and marvel at some of our unique items. You can also find the dates of our upcoming valuation days and book your appointment online.


72nd Rolli online auction | 16th September 2023

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A complete success at the 67th auction


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Traditional company leaves the city of Lucerne


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Stockholmia header

Stockholmia 2019 - Review

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RS Content Presse

Television contributions

View through our television archive.

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A heavy move

Luzerner Rundschau - 06. April 2018

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Stamps for 145,000 francs

Luzerner Zeitung - 19. February 2019

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RS pfadfinder

Philately at the Cape of Good Hope

A fierce bidding war flared up around the special blue stamps from the South African city of Mafeking. An Australian collector who was bidding online, held his nerve and in the end placed the winning bid.

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RS sansibar

Zanzibar attraction

A letter from the exotic island of Zanzibar finds its way back to Switzerland and provides yet another highlight at the Rolli auction.

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RS Laufzettel

Missing ration coupons

A Swiss Post Office administration slip documents the loss of ten ration coupons for charcoal.

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0591902 01

Good fortune knows no boundaries

After a fierce bidding war between two Chinese citizens a Chinese redband letter finds its way back to its place of origin.

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0592215 01


At our auctions we have witnessed some fantastic moments and would love the opportunity to share them with you. Here you can find some highlights of our latest auctions.

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Record price achieved at the 63rd Rolli Auction

63rd Rolli Auction

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20er-Goldvreneli raffled


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Zuerichsee Zeitung

6500 francs for stamp

Zürichsee Zeitung - 11. february 2014

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Up to CHF 5000 for a letter

Luzerner Zeitung - 5. february 2015

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Nidwaldner Zeitung

8000 francs expensive letter.

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Brief unter dem Hammer

Historical letter under the hammer

Obwaldner Zeitung - 14. February 2019

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German stamp newspaper

January 2020

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Swiss stamp newspaper

January/February 2020

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Apollo 15 letter auctioned

Luzerner Zeitung - 19th February 2020

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Nazi collection changes hands for CHF 100'000

20 minutes - 20th February 2020

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Swiss stamp newspaper

September 2020

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"Bad luck letters" auctioned for a lot of money

Luzerner Zeitung - 5th October 2020

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Rigi Brief

Collector acquires valuable "Rigi letter"


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PlakatA3 A662

Highlights 66th auction

Here you find the highlights of our 66th auction

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