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Good fortune knows no boundaries

The Significance of Chinese Letters

Its 1913 and you find yourself in Southern China, miles away from Switzerland at a time of revolution and change. The end of the Qing Dynasty and the declaration of the Chinese Republic is a year away. Difficult times for many people who are desperate for good news.

In the summer of 1913 such a letter bearing good fortune for its recipient is franked in the provincial town of Chabdou.  Its characteristic trait – a red band. For those familiar with Chinese culture the colour red symbolises good luck.

The contents of this letter are unknown but one thing for certain is that this redband letter contained good news for its intended recipient which was surely welcomed in such difficult times.

More than a century later the letter re-surfaces at the Rolli auction house and is a philately highlight changing ownership after an emotional bidding war via the phone between two Chinese collectors and selling for CHF 11,500. The successful outcome was achieved due to our international clientele.

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